About Us

This website and forum were created on October 12th 2010 By DeltaXIS and Ddreder after a lengthy discussion in a college class about hosting a webpage/forum to the public. 

 We have gone through many changes and updates as the years have passed, the biggest changes being in the hardware department. 



The original server we used was a hp pavilion A700N with 1gb ram, 2.0 ghz amd xp processor and 320 gigs total storage room running server 2003.



Next was an upgrade to a custom built 2.2 ghz core 2 duo, 2gb of ram and 320 gb hard drive space running server 2008 r2


Our most recent change has been to a I5-750 oc'd to 3.5ghz, 8gb of ram and 500 gb hard drive space running server 2012 r2


Thankfully, our members have been understanding and appreciative of the changes we've made over time and with any luck TCtech will keep going strong for a long time to come. Even though we change hardware and website layout faster than you can blink, one thing will never change about TCtech, we will always provide the best services to our members and some of the best gaming and technology experiences you can have with a community. After all, our motto is and always will be - If you need it, you call it, we'll haul it!