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GTA V Leak Info

Post by DeltaVI » Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:56 am

So i saw some awesome shit about gta v that im going to repost here, obviously spoilers to follow.

These are from a guy that has been playing gta V the first spoiler is the guys description of the it, the rest are questions from reddit users and answers from the player
The driving feels great. Its a bit awkward at first but you get used to it real fast. Cars turns/grips much better to the road compared to GTA IV. Acceleration/topspeed is slightly slower so far, but i have not upgraded anything on the vehicles so that might change.

The whole map is unlocked at the start it seems. I drove what felt like forever and never found any invisible walls or the like. The map is so huge.
Money seems hard to come bye compared to earlier versions. 20 missions in and i would be broke if it weren't for a random event. Not gonna spoil what i found/saw/did, but i basically got 100 000 for doing 5 seconds of work.

I don't remember how the nudity were in GTAIV, but you can see fully uncensored beg emerican teetes at the strip club

The city feels so alive. I seen more cops fighting crooks, thiefs, carjacking, fights etc than i ever did in GTAIV. You can help people getting robbed, or even rob stores yourself if you want.
How full/empty do the roads feel?
some screenshots ive seen have a decent amount of cars, others seem eerily quiet.

The city is packed with vehicles. so are the highways. The desert roads are a bit empty.

What about in terms of pedestrians? Are there a lot of them, little bit, a fair amount? Or does it depend on time of day and where you're at?

Depends 100% on the time and the place. But the "wall street" district is crowded as hell.
What is car customization like? What kind of mods can you do to your average car? Also, do cars still feel like they have a realistic touch to them? Can you drift like in GTA 4?

Armor,motor, tires (bulletproof), paint (tons of colors,matte,metallic,chrome+), turbo, suspension and more.
Yes you can drift even more than gta4. The cars feel much better to drive.

Hey this is my first and only question on any GTAV topic! Buying a turbo on the car which doesn't originally have a turbo... does it change the sound? Any turbo noise? :)
Or are we talking upgraded turbos?

Yes, it changes sound :)
And flames from the exhaust whenever you decelerat
On a scale of great to "i just came", how would you rate this game?

First word that comes to mind is "Overwhelming". There is just so much things to check out before i can even think about rating the game.
But in short, it feels like GTA SA content with GTA IV graphics/mechanics.
Can you confirm if that van crashing through a wall in the trailer was scripted? Is anything aside from the usual fences etc destructible?
Also, from what I've seen the steering seems quite sharp, is it easy to stay within your lane and drive smoothly? I might have just seen bad drivers but it seemed quite hard to blend in to the other traffic.

Thats definitely scripted.
The destruction is about the same as in GTA IV. The cars seems to get destroyed a bit faster tho. Actually i dont think i have wrecked a car yet, but the front wheels keep getting "stuck" whenever i crash, and have to swap vehicle as i am unable to turn.
The steering is very sharp as Franklin (high driving skill). Trust me, minutes of driving and you handle the car better than you ever did in GTA IV
In your opinion, is it everything people have hyped it up to be?

So far,yes. But i think the multiplayer is gonna the decisive factor
Can you tell me a bit about the customization for motorcycles? Also can you add/remove a silencer at will?

Armor,Brakes,Engine,EXhaust,Fairing,Frame,Fuel Tank,Horn,Lights,Plate,Respray,Saddlebags,Transmission,Turbo and Wheels are the options i can see on my current bike. Many of these have sub catogories :)
Dunno about silencer. I cant remove my flashlight at least.
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