[AV] Microsoft Proposes Internet Licensing

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[AV] Microsoft Proposes Internet Licensing

Post by Ddreder » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:56 pm

And thusly, the STATED agenda to shut down the internet continues...
Scott Charney said the government licensing internet would be a worldwide combined protection managed by companies and governments. The government licensing internet proposal, is implemented, would empower the government to follow and organize user computers in the manner government keeps check on fitness bodies track sickness.

Under the proposal of government licensing internet, the government would be empowered to block people spreading malwares from the entire internet in addition to the government’s citing of the malware threat in order to provide full protection to internet users.

The proposal of government licensing internet has also received criticism from many factions. Many internet users believe that the proposal of government licensing internet should be sternly opposed since it will be a complete dictation of internet users by the government and the system would be completely open for abuse. The opponents of the government licensing internet hold the view that the proposal will give way for complete licensing which would lead to complete control of the internet world.
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They always make it seem sooo gooood...

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