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TCtech Status Update 2016

Post by Ddreder » Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:40 am

Hello All,

It has been damn near 6 years since TCtech was founded. That is a long time for us old fogies!

I feel like everyone deserves a status update as to what is going on in the world of TCtech!

We are now in the year 2016. Membership here at TCtech has fluctuated a lot over the years but I feel we have reached an all time low as many members have since moved on to different things. We continue to host various types of servers based on what the populace wants to play for that given week. We only have a few dedicated servers running anymore but that is always subject to change. With the founding members schedules being as busy as they are we have not been able to recruit new members in quite some time... Maybe we'll find some time to get some new blood in the ranks!

In other news we welcome back a long time brother Aloid for he has finally returned to us from the Middle East, or the Philippines? I get them mixed up.. ANYWAYS! We have started playing games like LoL and Rocket League pretty regularly which is something I have been holding out for for damn near 3 years. It is awesome to finally have him back!

In closing I would just like to thank all current and past members of TCtech for their hard work and dedication to keeping this wonderful gaming community alive and kicking. We couldn't have done it without you! (despite what delta might tell you...)

Anyways, Thank You

Side note: We still have our mumble server going all the time! And we have set up our own IRC so that we can banter while we are at work! Check the server sections of the forums for more information!

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